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Molecular Testing

Advanced Lab Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of genetic tests, allowing providers to personalise treatment plans. Coupling the latest laboratory technologies with highly trained scientists and counsellors keeps our clients cutting-edge.


Advance Lab Solutions offers the latest in presumptive (qualitative) and confirmatory (quantitative) testing services.Our comprehensive menu includes more than 200 drugs and metabolites, allowing a multitude of practice specialities to monitor adherence and compliance.

Clinical Chemistry

Advance Lab Solutions employs state-of-the-art testing platforms to assess a wide variety of clinical chemistry biomarkers. Our offerings include routine and esoteric blood chemistries as well as quantitative hormone and steroid analysis.

100,000 Deaths

According to the FDA, 100,000 people die each year from adverse drug reactions. Acknowledging the impact pharmacogenomics can have on this death toll, the FDA now lists known genetic factors on packages of 137 of its approved medications.

1,200,000 ED Visits

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1.2 million emergency visits per year involve the non-medical use of pharmaceuticals. The most frequently reported drugs were opiate/opioid analgesics, present in 50 percent of the non-medical-use ED visits.

$3.5 Billion in Costs

According to the CDC, adverse drug reactions cost the U.S. health system approximately $3.5 billion annually. The potential cost-savings of pharmacogenomic testing is a huge opportunity in healthcare today which could dramatically improve the quality and standard of care.

Secure Provider Portal

Our intuitive portal allows you to access results and request consults from anywhere.

Bi-Directional EMR Interfaces

Less time maintaining charts and requisitioning orders means more time with your patients.

Experienced Staff

Direct access to our scientists allows your team to leverage years of experience.

On-Site Specimen Collection Services

Placement of a qualified Advanced Lab Solutions specimen collector saves your staff valuable time.

Flexible Reporting Preferences

Customizable patient reports delivered when and where you want them.

Eligibility and Utilization Training

The use of conservative testing protocols that focus on necessity ensures providers are ordering responsibly.

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